Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So, I just noticed this "Ticker" post:

My Old Ticker

The old goal? 2500 words per week.

My new goal? 2700 words per DAY.

Things were so much more leisurely then.

Of course, my old goal was also 80,000 words overall, and my new goal is 90,000.

But still.

Counting down ...

In the home stretch now. After all these months of thinking and outlining and mind-mapping, all mixed up with occasional bursts of writing, I no longer have the luxury of waiting for the writing to magically appear in said bursts. It is sitzfleisch time. 9 weeks until submission day. 9 weeks!!

Editing to add: I just reviewed my most recent posts ... which are about six months old. Then, I was invested in creative writing, which has gone better than I'd expected. At this point, of course it's a last priority until, you guessed it, 9 weeks from now!